Property Management

The Solomons Landing Community Association Board of Directors (BoD) has selected Brodie Management to oversee the details of all SLCA functions.  Their activities include:

  • Ensuring the maintenance of common areas
  • Planning and attending community meetings and board meetings
  • Financial support such as monthly accounting, insurance management, billing homeowner fees, and paying vendors
  • Selecting qualified vendors and providing an experienced on-site property manager: Norm Patton

Brodie Management works hard as a liaison between the SLCA BoD and the homeowners which helps maintain a pleasant community experience for everyone.

To learn more about Brodie Management, visit their website at

Norm Patton is our Site Manager. He can be reached via email at or by submitting the form below.  Please note that maintenance requests (work orders) should be submitted via the Resident Functions link at the top of this page.